Monday, September 30, 2013

【NEWS】 Kaori Oda 「Reverberation」

And we thought 「Shiro, Hirahito」 would be the working title of Kaori's 4th single!

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According to the Official Announcement in TEAM Entertainment, Kaori's 4th single will be tied to the PSP Vita Game 「AMNESIA V Edition」. Kaori will be performing both the OP and the ED themes.

From what I've read before, 「AMNESIA V Edition」 is the version of the game included in the 「Hakuoki」 x 「AMNESIA」 special pack game

Without further ado, here are the included songs. This is still not the official tracklist.
1. Reverberation
2. 深愛(しんあい)なる物語(ストーリー) (Fuka Ai (Shin Ai) Naru Monogatari (Sutoori))

Also, this is the game's official PV containing the previews for the songs!

Be sure to buy the single when it hit the store this coming 11/27!

Monday, September 16, 2013

【NEWS】 Kaori Oda to sing the OP&ED for the PSP Game 「忍び、恋うつつ」

Hello everyone! Here again to bring you the latest news on Kaori Oda.

source: 「忍び、恋うつつ」 Official Website

KAORI will be singing for the OP theme and ED theme of the upcoming PSP Game 「忍び、恋うつつ」 (lit. Shinobi Kousutsu). This otome game is slated to be released on 2014 hence, will not be tied to Kaori's upcoming single to be released this 11/27. Well, I've never heard of the tied songs to be released first before the game.

There are still no further announcements with regards to Kaori's upcoming single. I hope it will be tied to a good game project.

For more information with regards to the game, please visit the official website HERE. Really, it's already PS Vita's age yet they continue to make PSP games.

Yesterday, SpaceCraft Produce's MUSIC ENERGY 2013 event ended. She performed together with other Yuki Kajiura vocalists namely WAKANA, KEIKO, HIKARU, ASUKA, and YUUKA.

Kaori performed 「Akatsuki no Butterfly」 and 「Shiro, Hirahito」. I wonder how those songs sounded on the live. Haha.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

【NEWS】 Kaori Oda New Single + Hiiro no Kakera 4 Winter ED 「白、ひとひら」

Wazzup people?

I've been busy with my academic life and drawing lately so I couldn't blog that much.

I have yet to make a review for Kalafina's  「Consoloation」 and Linked Horizon's 「Jiyuu he no Shingeki」. Well, I will prolly do that... later.


Kaori during her second solo live last September 1.
Kaori tweeted this just finishing her second solo live promoting her third single 「Akatsuki no Butterfly」
So yeah, new single will be released on the 27th of November. It is still unnamed so let's wait for further announcements.

On to the other news, and kinda late at that, it has been announced last May 2013 that Kaori will perform the winter ED for the PSP Game 「白華の檻 ~緋色の欠片4~ 四季の詩」 (Shiro Hana no Ori ~Hiiro no Kakera 4 ~ Shiki no Shi). The game will be released on the 5th of September.

According to game's official website, these are the artists involved with the songs:
 OP【サクラ】       藤田麻衣子
 春ED【胸が熱い】   同上
  夏ED【夢が降る】   mao

 秋ED【彩りの頃】     霜月はるか

 冬ED【白、ひとひら】  織田かおり

The OP 「サクラ」 (Sakura) will be performed by Fujita Maiko, a main stay artist for the Hiiro no Kakera game series.

The Spring ED 「胸が熱い」 (Mune ga Atsui) will be performed by 同上 (whoever he/she is, I can't find any information).

The Summer ED 「夢が降る」 (Yume ga Furu) will be performed by mao who recently had worked with Revo on his Linked Horizon project for the Nintendo 3DS Game 「Bravely Default: Flying Fairy」.

The Autumn ED 「彩りの頃」 (Irodori no Koro) will be performed by Haruka Shimotsuki who recently had released the Frost Moon Cafe album 「Let's Go ☆ Shimotsukin」 which featured Kaori Oda in the song 「piacere!」.

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And finally, the Winter ED 「白、ひとひら」 (Shiro, Hirahito) will be performed by Kaori Oda who's well known for his works in FictionJunction and Sound Horizon.

So that's that.

There's still no information whether the upcoming single will contain 「Shiro、Hirahito」 or whether the single will be a direct tie-in to this game, or whether the single is tied to another game.

I'll update soon!

Friday, June 28, 2013

【NEWS】 Kaori Oda on 「Let's Go ☆ Shimotsukin」

Kaori will be featured in Haruka Shimotsuki's upcoming album 「Let's Go ☆ Shimotsukin」!

Noriko Mitose, who had worked together with Haruka before, will also be appearing here.

Here's the Tracklist:

01. スタジオトーク「ごあいさつ」
02. しもつきんとドライブ 〜れっつごー☆ 音戯の郷〜
03. スタジオトーク「音楽とわたし」
04. ふたりで楽器(金琴管)を作ってみた in 音戯工房
05. スタジオトーク「初ロケ旅を終えて」
06. piacere!(歌:霜月はるか&織田かおり
07. おまけ1(「渡れない吊橋」織田かおりのひとりごと)
08. piacere!(霜月はるか solo version)
09. piacere!(織田かおり solo version)
10. スタジオトーク「楽曲解説」
11. おまけ2(「渡れない吊橋」織田かおりのひとりごと)
12. piacere!(off vocal)

more info here:

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

【NEWS】 「Quiet Night ~ReTracks」

The third installment of the 「Mobile Suite Gundam SEED Destiny」 Reunion Series has finally been announced!

The Reunion Series is a collection of singles containing the "ReTracks" version of the songs that were used in the Gundam SEED HD Remastered and Gundam SEED Destiny HD Remastered animes. However, it seemed that only the songs under Victor Entertainment (particularly, the Yuki Kajiura songs) will have the "ReTracks" version. "ReTracks" is a fancy name added to the rearrangements of the songs; the rearrangement is recognizable with the  inclusion of strings.

The first one from the Reunion Series was 「Anna ni Issho Datta no ni ~ReTracks」 which also contained 「Shizuka na Yoru ni ~ReTracks」. While the second one was 「Akatsuki no Kuruma ~ReTracks」 coupled with 「Mizu no Akashi ~ReTracks」.

The latest episode which I watched was PHASE 7. Here's a screenshot of the ED showing 「Fields of hope ~ReTracks」.

Now, the third single is title 「Quiet Night ~ReTracks」.

「Quiet Night ~ReTracks」
Victor Entertainment

1. Quiet Night ~ReTracks
2. EMOTION ~ReTracks
3. Fields of hope ~ReTracks
4. Quiet Night ~ReTracks (Original Karaoke)
5. EMOTION ~ReTracks (Original Karaoke)
6. Fields of hope ~ReTracks (Original Karaoke)

I'm a bit uncertain about the second track because I'm not sure who will do the rearrangement. Based from the past ReTracks, only Yuki Kajiura songs were rearranged; Yuki Kajiura was never involved with the song EMOTION.

I still haven't watch the latest episode from the Remastered version. I was busy drawing and coloring stuff.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

【REVIEW】 Kaori Oda 「Akatsuki no Butterfly」


「Akatsuki no Butterfly」 is Kaori Oda's third single since the release of her second single 「Calling」 six years ago; whoa, that long?! This single is also her first single released under Team Entertainment Label; that means we'll be hearing more game-tied songs from now on.

Prior to the release of the single, an official (special) artist page of Kaori was created. Check it out HERE.

Here's the cover art:

Better than her previous singles, IMHO
1. Akatsuki no Butterfly
2. Kimi to Ai ni Naru
3. Kioku (Kimi) no Silhouette
4. Akatsuki no Butterfly (Off Vocal)
5. Kimi to Ai ni Naru (Off Vocal)
6. Kioku (Kimi) no Silhouette (Off Vocal)
1. Akatsuki no Butterfly Music Video
2. Akatsuki no Butterfly PSP Game 「AMNESIA Crowd」 Opening Movie 
3. Kioku (Kimi) no Silhouette Smartphone 「AMNESIA」 for iOS & Android Opening Movie 
My review:
The three songs are tied to the 「AMNESIA」 series.

M1. Akatsuki no Butterfly
This song was used as the OP for the PSP game 「AMNESIA Crowd」. The instrumental was okay for me; it reminds me of an action movie soundtrack. KAORI's voice is always okay. I love the chorus because it's very catchy; other than that, it's a regular/standard Jpop song. I hate that the bridge is really plain with only that guitar solo. (8/10)

M2. Kimi to Ai ni Naru
This song was used as the ED for the PSP game 「AMNESIA Crowd」. According to Yuki Kajiura, ballads are KAORI's strongest songs; I guess she's right. I love KAORI's ballads though I love her upbeats more. The chorus displays KAORI's higher notes than her usual style. I love the ending part because of her "hoooo wooooaaa" (9/10)

M3. Kioku (Kimi) no Silhouette
This song was used as the OP for the smartphone game 「AMNESIA」. This was composed by MANYO; one of my new fave composer. At first, I thought "w-wait? ballad again?". Apparently, it's not! I think it's the best song from this single (≧ω≦)b. Though I was expecting some layer of female voice like most of MANYO's work, this one doesn't have that. (10/10)

Overall Rating: (9.33/10)
My favorite song is  Kioku (Kimi) no Silhouette」. I hope MANYO will compose more songs for KAORI in the future.

Additional Info:
KAORI's Hajimari no Kioku」 was again used as one of the ED for 「AMNESIA Crowd」. Check out the game version of each songs in AMNESIA CROWD Soundtrack PLUS!