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【REVIEW】 Kaori Oda 「PLACE」

Note: I don't provide download links. I only give download links for exclusive releases. Thank you! Although some of the songs are available for download somewhere in my blog.

Fans of KAORI, the long-awaited 1st Album 「PLACE」 is finally available in the market!!

Support KAORI by buying the original CD!

Also, Yuki Kajiura tweeted her supports on KAORI. Show you support too! Tweet her with the hash tag #place_kaori.

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Here's the cover art:


2. Brilliant World
3. Eien no Ichibyou
4. Promise
5. My Destiny
6. Mizukagami
7. No sing, No life
8. Sekai no Hate de
9. Hi no Ataru Basho he
10. Honki ni Uso (Ver. True Heart)
11. Hajimari no Kioku
12. Emotional
13. Calling

My review:
There are nine songs with tie-in projects. Only seven of the tie-in songs were previously released in the market as singles or compilations. The remaining five songs are new.

The title song is an upbeat song \(^0^). This song was composed by Takumi Ozawa; she's also the composer for most of YUUKA's solo songs nowadays. This is actually their second song together. The first one was 「LOVE×∞」; This song is relatively unknown to most of the fans. Anyways, 「PLACE」 is actually good. Very pop-pish. I was expecting some Ozawago though. The chorus is very catchy too! This is actually what I expect for most of the new songs in her album. (9/10)

M2. Brilliant World
This song was used as the OP for the DS game 「Luminous Arc」. I played the game, it was actually a very good JRPG; though I still haven't finished it. A typical J-pop song. Actually, it's quite repetitive. I used to like this back when I was still searching for her solo songs. But IMHO, this is better than the second game's OP 「Unlimited World」. I really love the piano parts and the build up of strings before the chorus. (6/10)

M3. Eien no Ichibyou
This song was used as the ED for the PSP game 「AMNESIA Later」. Yuki Kajiura really like KAORI singing ballads; this is not a Yuki Kajiura composition BTW. For me, I like KAORI singing upbeat songs more. But this quite nice anyways. Though it is still not a favorite song of mine. This sounds very otome-ish; well, the game is an otome genre game. (7/10)

M4. Promise.
I've been stressing in a lot of social networking sites that is is my favorite new song from her album. I love upbeat songs! I wish I can see this performed live. I really love the chorus because it's very catchy. I hope for more songs like this in the future! The mix of the chorus vocals were also good. (10/10)

M5. My Destiny
This song was used as an theme song[?] for the drama CD 「AMNESIA of the Dead」. Another otome-ish upbeat song. It was actually a likeable upbeat song of hers until 「Promise」 came. (8/10)

M6. Mizukagami
This song was used as the ED for the PSP game 「L.G.S ~Shinsetsu Houshin Engi~」. Another ballad! I'm not actually a fan of ballad but sometimes just hafta listen to it. KAORI's sweet voice is all over the song. It is actually one of the "progressive" ballads that starts of at low pitch and ends in high pitch. Nice one although still haven't reach LSS mode for me. I actually love the "aaaahhhhh" in the bridge (7/10)

M7. No sing, No life
And another upbeat song... but slower compared to 「Promise」. The chorus was actually weird.... for me. But thanks to that, I was LSS on this song for two days hahaha! (7/10)

M8. Sekai no Hate de
This song was used in another PSP otome game 「L.G.S ~Shinsetsu Houshin Engi~」. I only heard this from previews of the song in youtube. Yes there's also another "aaaaaahhhh" in this song. This is actually a likeable ballad. A sweet song indeed. The chorus build up was nice IMHO. Now I'm starting to like MANYO's compositions! (8/10)

M9. Hi no Ataru Basho he
This song was tied with the 3DS game 「Unchained Blade EXXiV」. I hope to get my hands on this game once it localizes in my country. A very long ballad but it's worth listening to it. I specially like the "unchained my heart" lyrics before the chorus. The last part of the chorus had a twist part which left me wanting for more but sadly, it ends there... Haha. (9/10).

M10. Honki no Uso (Ver. True Heart)
This song was used as the OP for the game 「Wild Arms XF」. I thought it was actually balladish at the start but this is actually an upbeat song. This was also one of the first song I heard when I was searching for her solo works. The instrumentals are actually very rich; It got a lot of instruments you wouldn't normally hear on typical Jpops. Nice one although I was actually hoping it's sister song 「Taga Tameni」 would be included instead of this. (8/10)

M11. Hajimari no Kioku
This song was used as the OP for the PSP otome game 「AMNESIA Later」. This is my favorite ballad song among her other ballads. The song is very sweet and nostalgic. \(^0^ ) (10/10)

M12. Emotional
Yey another upbeat song! But a typical Jpop song. My favorite part is the bridge (10/10)

M13. Calling
This song was used as the ED for the anime 「Baccano!」. This was composed by Yuki Kajiura. Well, duh? Of course this is a good song. It's actually quite high pitched. The mix of Yuriko Kaida and Kaori Nishina in the chorus is very enjoyable. (10/10)

Overall Rating: 8.08/10
But this is just me rating. You are free to rate the songs according to your liking.

Top 5 Favorites:
1. Calling
2. Promise
3. Hajimari no Kioku
4. Hi no Ataru Basho he

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