Monday, September 30, 2013

【NEWS】 Kaori Oda 「Reverberation」

And we thought 「Shiro, Hirahito」 would be the working title of Kaori's 4th single!

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According to the Official Announcement in TEAM Entertainment, Kaori's 4th single will be tied to the PSP Vita Game 「AMNESIA V Edition」. Kaori will be performing both the OP and the ED themes.

From what I've read before, 「AMNESIA V Edition」 is the version of the game included in the 「Hakuoki」 x 「AMNESIA」 special pack game

Without further ado, here are the included songs. This is still not the official tracklist.
1. Reverberation
2. 深愛(しんあい)なる物語(ストーリー) (Fuka Ai (Shin Ai) Naru Monogatari (Sutoori))

Also, this is the game's official PV containing the previews for the songs!

Be sure to buy the single when it hit the store this coming 11/27!

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